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Hiya 👋, my name is Gerhard, I'm a dutch 29 y/o web dev.

At my job I mostly work with Magento and Laravel. Building & maintaining webshops,  creating software to simplify or automate internal processes.

In my spare time I maintain a few side projects, which are mostly Twitch related.

Occasionally I try to contribute to open-source projects. 
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Aug 12, 2021
Aug 12, 2021
Created a command generator for the game Splitgate.
Streamers can use this to generate an url which they can add to their streaming bots.

Now their viewers can view the streamers stats by using a simple chat command.

Splitgate command generator: https://api.2g.be/games/splitgate/info

Data by: https://tracker.gg/splitgate
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May 04, 2021
May 04, 2021
Setup custom domain for your Polywork profile (non-www + www) with Cloudflare Page rules

I was running into an SSL error when I used the custom DNS target for both non-www and www DNS records, by using page rules you can redirect users to just the non-www domain where the Polywork domain setting is linked to.

1. In your Polywork settings enter your non-www domain name and get your custom DNS target.

2. At Cloudflare create 2 CNAME DNS rules:
    1. Name: @ (this will later automatically be replaced by your domain)
        Content: your custom DNS target
    2. Name: www
        Content: @

3. Go to Rules and create a new Page Rule:
    Url matches: www.<domain name>/*     Setting: Forwarding URL
    Status code: 301
    Destination URL: https://<domain name>/$1
Done! 🚀
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